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Arbitration & Litigation


Quantum works to provide our clients with confidence that if their differences cannot be resolved by any other means, then they are well placed to refer the matters formally.

In construction the conclusive settlement of disputes is usually by Arbitration of some form. This is by referring the matters to an independent person (or persons) called arbitrators. The Contract will usually prescribe the means of resolving disputes. Arbitration requires that the parties have agreed to be bound by the arbitrator’s ultimate award.

Arbitration agreements (whether already prescribed under the Contract, or proposed as part of the devised resolution strategy) can confer very wide powers on the arbitrator to open up, review and revise any decision, opinion, instruction, certificate etc. The timescales can be as strict or as flexible as the parties require and time controlled arbitrations can take the cost pressures away from any reservations that the aggrieved party may have. Arbitration is flexible and may be adapted by agreement to suit the needs of the parties. Our skills derived from experience in our supporting roles enable us to help appropriately position our clients for referral to arbitration should it be necessary.

Quantum can take the lead position in resolving the client’s problem using arbitration, guiding and managing the whole process. We have relationships with all other key professionals which may be required as part of the team and are well placed to provide sound commercial case management.